Advanced Open Water

This is a natural progression from the PADI Open Water certification. It is possible to take this course immediately after the Open Water certification however most newly qualified divers are advised, and indeed prefer, to get some experience using their new found skills before progressing.

If you dive regularly with Diveskool we will tell you if we think you are ready. If you have not dived recently with Diveskool we recommend you join us for a couple of dives while we assess your readiness. Diveskool will not take any course fees from you unless we are sure you have the skills and confidence to complete the course. If it is deemed you need more experience then you can join us for regular dives during which we will help you gain the experience and confidence you need.

The pre-requisite for the PADI Advanced Open Water course is the PADI Open Water/Junior Open Water certification or equivalent from another Diving Organisation. You must be fit to dive and complete a Medical questionnaire.

Once you have enrolled for the course you will receive the PADI Adventures in Diving Handbook and your instructor will discuss and agree options with you. You need to complete five Adventure Dives, two of which must be Deep and Navigation. When agreed the instructor will ask you to study the relevant chapters in the Adventures in Diving handbook and complete the knowledge review for each, you must complete these before taking part in any dive. When all the reviews are completed your instructor will go over them with you to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of what is required for each dive.

Before each dive your instructor will give you a briefing on the required standard and procedure to complete the exercise, demonstrate any hand signals that may be used and answer any questions. You will then complete your pre-dive checks and enter the water. On successful completion of the five exercises you will be awarded the PADI Advanced Open Water diver certification.

On completion of this course you will be able to dive to 30 metres, have a better understanding of navigation and have gained knowledge and experience in three other skills, making you a better diver. If you wish you may choose to turn your adventure dives into Specialities by taking the full speciality certification. Your adventure dive will count as one dive of the Speciality course so if you choose to do convert Diveskool will offer a reduced rate. If you choose to convert all five Specialities within 12 months Diveskool will offer you further discount on the package.

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