Rescue Diver

This is the most challenging and rewarding course a recreational diver will undertake. After completing this course you will know you have become a more competent and confident diver. You will have the knowledge and confidence not only to deal with your own problems but to take charge and help others who may have a problem while diving.

During the course you will learn the art of self rescue, how to get yourself out of a problem situation. You will learn to recognise and deal with stress in other divers as well as how to cope with a panicked diver situation. You will learn how to bring an unresponsive diver to the surface and the techniques involved in getting that diver out of the water and handed over to the emergency services. You will learn Emergency First Response techniques (first aid) that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to save a life, whether it be in the water or on a shopping mall. You will also learn how to do all of this without putting yourself in danger.

The course is open to any diver from the age of 12 (junior) who has completed the Adventure Diver course, including the Underwater Navigation dive, or an equivalent level from another diving organisation. Any diver under the age of 18 will require their parents consent.

You will be required to study the Rescue Diver Manual and complete five knowledge reviews plus an exam. You will also be required to attend the EFR course where you will learn and demonstrate first aid techniques and complete an EFR exam. (The EFR course must be refreshed every two years to remain qualified).

Note: If you already have an acceptable and current First Aid qualification the cost of the EFR course will be deducted from your bill and you will not be required to take the class.

For an additional fee (see price list) you may take the Emergency Oxygen Provider speciality course during the EFR program, this may require an additional evening of training.

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