Q - How much does it cost to become a diver and what on-going costs should I consider?

A - Open Water training with Diveskool will set you back £370 at 2017 prices. Diveskool provide all the equipment you require for training at no additional cost. If you wish to purchase your own after training a basic set of new equipment will cost about £800. If you wish to build your equipment inventory over time you can rent the equipment you don’t have from Diveskool as you need it. A days diving can cost you as little as a tank or two of air, presently about £8 per tank, so you can carry out two good shore dives for £16.

Q - Is diving not dangerous, what if I run out of air or get the bends?

A - Recreational diving is carried out well within any limit that would require decompression. You will generally be able to make a controlled ascent to the surface at any time without the need to stop for decompression, although a safety stop is recommended. Other safety issues to be aware of are proper equipment maintenance and dive planning.

Q - How good a swimmer do I need to be?

A - If you can swim for 200 metres non stop at your own pace, and tread water or float for 10 minutes in your bathing costume then you meet the swimming standard required. Scuba diving is a recreational sport, take your time and preserve energy at all times.

Q - How do I become a qualified diver and how long does it take?

A - To become a qualified open water diver you will complete 5 confined water sessions in the pool, these will be held concurrently with two classroom sessions covering 5 knowledge development sections and a closed book exam. When you have mastered the skills in the pool you will progress to the open water and complete 4 open water dives in the sea. By the end of the course you will have demonstrated mastery of the skills that will qualify you to dive on air to a maximum depth of 18m.

Q - How old do I have to be before I can learn to dive?

A - Diveskool teach students from the age of 12. A young diver can complete the Junior Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses although the depth will be limited to 21 metres, once qualified they must dive with a qualified adult. At 15 a diver can complete most courses available to adults so long as permission is granted by a parent or guardian.

Q - Can I try a dive to see if I like it first?

A - Yes! Give us a call and we will arrange a Discover Scuba Diving session for you. It costs hardly anything, you get a certificate to hang on the wall and we will knock the full cost of the DSD off your Open Water Course if you decide to become a qualified diver.

Q - What if I do the Pool Sessions and decide I don’t want to do my open water dives in the UK/Ireland?

A - No Problem! Before the course we will give you a breakdown of all our charges and, if you decide you want to do the open water dives somewhere warmer, we will refer you to a PADI dive centre where the sun shines.

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Q - Is it not too cold to dive in the sea around Ireland?

A - The sea temperature off the Irish coast is quite reasonable in the Summer and most divers are comfortable in a 5mm to 7mm wetsuit without gloves. In the winter the temperature drops considerably but diving is still comfortable for those wearing a Drysuit.